VH1’s Weekly Wrap-up: Six Must-See Moments

Each week VH1’s prime-time lineup is filled with drama, romance, competition, and everything in between. With the Mob Wives Season Three reunion, the series premiere of I’m Married To A…, and the return of a series everyone (including all of us!) has been waiting for, this week was no different. But which show still has you buzzing?

Whether it’s Sharon Carpenter and JasFly debating who’s the better journalist or Shekinah taking the Harris kids to an indoor playground (and losing them), we’re here to break down the standout clips from the past seven days. Check out our top picks below, and let us know your favorite must-see moments from the week.

Mob Wives: Ramona vs. Carla

After the bloody brawl between Love and Carla on the season finale, everyone was waiting to see the cast back together for the reunion special. All season long Carla stood as the lone outsider while Drita made amends with both Karen and Ramona. But with all the women back together, it was only a matter of time before the group’s disdain for Carla erupted.

I’m Married To A…: Louis Tries On Women’s Clothes In Public

Our new series takes a deeper look at unconventional relationships where the couples are making love work against all odds. This week, PG helped her husband Louis overcome his fear of going out in public dressed as Jessica, which Louis simply considers to be the more feminine side of himself. The first step in conquering his fear required Louis to go clothes shopping in public and feel comfortable trying on women’s clothes in a store. With the encouragement and understanding from PG, Louis was able to step out of his comfort zone and into a pair of stiletto heels.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Is Mimi “Molly The Maid”?

An ongoing storyline in Atlanta has been the awkward relationship triangle between Joseline, Stevie J, and Mimi. Although Joseline and Stevie are still working together (and sleeping together… are you surprised?), Mimi thought it would be good to move in with her daughter’s father, in order to keep Joseline away from Little Eva. To Mimi’s dismay, this plan backfired right in her face when Joseline just strutted into the house and referred to her as the maid — specifically, “Molly The Maid.” Within a few moments, Mimi was screaming at Stevie as he “escorted” Joseline outside.

T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle: Can Shekinah Handle The Harris Kids?

After Shekinah tells Tiny that raising kids is an easy job, Tiny challenges her to take care of the Harris kids for a day. Just as she is feeling that she’s lost all control, Shekinah decides it would be a good idea to take the kids on the field trip to an indoor playground where they can run around like wild, have fun, and use up all their energy. The highlight of their trip was playing around in the gigantic life-size water bubbles, a space where Shekinah can actually keep her eyes on them.

The Gossip Game: Sharon and JasFly Fight Over Journo Cred

After “veteran” journalist Sharon Carpenter implied that she had more credibility that up-and-comer JasFly, the two women met face-to-face to clear the air. The conversation quickly turned into a competition to see who is better and more successful, with each woman rattling off a list of accomplishments. Although Sharon has done work for some major networks, JasFly thinks she’s an elitist and is quick to point out that she now works at Global Grind. This truthbomb helps us all to realize that the two are not as different as Sharon thinks.

Off Pitch: Veterans vs. Rookies

The rivalry between new members and Grand River Singers stalwarts is put on display as newcomers Vanessa and Justin compete with veterans Marica and Greg for solos on “Firework” and “Color My World.” Marcia and Greg feel territorial over the solos they’ve been given in the past and are suddenly nervous about losing their chance to shine.

From sing-offs to verbal smackdowns, there was a little bit of something for everyone this week. What was your favorite moment?

What Was Your Favorite VH1 Moment This Week?

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