T.I. And Tiny: The Family Hustle Episode Four: The Curse Of The Harris Men

We all remember our first crush, but do you remember your first (slightly threatening) love letter? On tonight’s T.I. And Tiny: The Family HustleKing becomes the objection of a female classmate’s affection–or someone he refers to as, “a a beautiful woman”–and his branching out into the world of romance leaves T.I. and Tiny conflicted in how to respond.

You can’t keep your little ones little forever, but we didn’t expect eight-year-old King to grow up this fast. I guess being ridiculously irresistible to the opposite sex is just another burden these Harris men have to bear. When it comes to the ladies, no one knows how to better quell the concern of Tiny Major Mama while living up to lothario standards than Tip. Behold, his wise words for Young King.

T.I.’s Fatherly Advice: You Can’t Fall In Love With Everything You SeeRather than let King ride off into the proverbial sunset (on a tandem bicycle built for five), Tip encourages his son to keep his options open. At a certain age, this could be considered the signs of an arrogant commitment-phobe, but at eight, it’s the right piece of advice to ensure a kid gets to be a kid for as long as possible. “As a young man you are going to have your picks and choosies of the young ladies out there,” T.I. explains. “You’re still in the beginning process of learning.” Appreciate you may, but no need to lock yourself down for anything so serious–at least until middle school, or whenever your significant other can properly spell “heart.” While the family Tip and Tameka have created is a great example of all the benefits that come with a monogamous relationship, both mom and dad achieved their fair share of personal success before playing house. In other words, King: you’ve got time for that.

In fact, Tip’s advice is appropriate for anyone looking for love: focus on school, family, and hustling, and the romance will fall into place. (How’s that for dating advice, Patti Stanger?) In the end, though, his “man talk” also served to maintain family appearances: “It would be a damn shame to have a Harris man walking around with no balls.” Amen.

Did Tip say the right thing to his Little Man, or should he let him act on his feelings? Should Tiny be afraid her little boy is growing up too fast? Did you write love letters as a kid? Let us know.

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