Who Started The Fight, K.Michelle Or Rasheeda? [POLL]

That was ugly, but inevitable. K.Michelle and Rasheeda had some unresolved issues that unfortunately exploded in the form of candle wax.

Now Ariane may have been trying to bring her two friends together, but several of the show’s fans thought she was instigating. “Ariane instigated that!” Ariane Coleman Houie of Detroit wrote. Ariane had good intentions, but those intentions couldn’t keep the two from coming to blows. It seemed like Rasheeda wanted to drop the beef when she said she didn’t want to argue with a grown woman all the time. That all went left seconds later when she implied K had a fake butt.

K retaliated with a few jabs at Rasheeda, and when Rasheeda was leaving the housewarming K said, “Tell Kirk and his three earrings I said hello.” Rasheeda then approached K.Michelle while she was sitting down as if she wanted to fight. What we saw afterward was a candle thrown and legs kicked. It’s clear the two women will never be friends, but who provoked the fight? Is K.Michelle or Rasheeda to blame for what went down? Ariane and Mimi seemed to lean more toward K.Michelle being at fault. Do you agree? Take the poll!

Who Started The Fight: K.Michelle Or Rasheeda?

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