Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Cast Reacts To Episode 3

“She not quick enough. Like a grandmama on her walker, gliding across to get you, she never get you,” K.Michelle said. “You have to be fast to catch the American ninja, babe.”

K.Michelle is unmoved by her and Rasheeda’s fight scene. In fact, she’s laughing her butt off all while making her classic one-liner remarks. “I don’t feel like fighting with you Rasheeda. I’mma fight with bitches with actual talent from now on,” K said. Mimi, on the other hand, wasn’t feeling it. “I was disgusted. Really.”

Momma Dee doesn’t even cringe watching her antics on screen, yet her son Scrappy always wants to know, “What is she even talking about?” when he’s watching. “I love it when the plot comes together, people. You know Momma Dee got to keep it gangster,” she said. Momma Dee is cracking up. Scrappy looks perplexed. “Man my mama is a liar, man.” As far as Momma Dee scoping out the palace Scrappy thinks, “What the hell are you even talking about?…and I’m looking around like, where is her head at right now?” See what else the cast had to say in the “Check Yourself” video as they react to last night’s episode.

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