Sneak Peek Of Episode 4: Scrappy Stands Up To Momma Dee

The future of Scrappy and Erica’s engagement is up in the air after the blowout fight between Momma Dee and Erica with Scrappy in the middle. But, as the couple noted, they do this all the time so it may not be the end.

What better time for Scrappy to meet with Momma Dee then while jewelry shopping. Scrappy wants his mom to forgive Erica this once for snapping since it came from years of pent up frustration. Momma Dee isn’t ready to be so forgiving. “She comes with the s— first,” Momma Dee said. “She’s a disrespectful bitch, Scrappy.” Scrappy appreciates his mom’s concern but he’s letting her know he’s not going to just do what she wants. “What you want, what I want [are] two totally different thangs.” In his confessional he makes the most sense of this whole thing. “I’m not finna do what my mama want me to do like I’m five years old.” Tune in Monday to find out if Erica’s ready to let bygones be bygones.

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