T.I. And Tiny: The Family Hustle Episode Six: Eat, Drink, And Be Happy

Continuing to give his youngest extra special attention, T.I. sacrificed some precious hours of adult leisure to ensure that Major grows up to be a properly socialized young man who understands how to talk about things outside the context of video games. On tonight’s T.I. And Tiny: The Family Hustle, Major’s dependence on technology — and contradictory reluctance to pick up the phone and call a friend — had Tip on snack duty, eager to prove to his Little Man that running around outside can be more fun than countless hours with any ridiculously expensive gadget.

After explaining to Major that television, movies, and video games are fun in moderation, Tip sets his mind on setting up a play date, in hope of improving his social skills and getting over the mental and physical hump that is that nasty thirteenth push-up.

T.I.’s Fatherly Wisdom: F–k A Fake Friend, Where Your Real Friends At?

“Life is to be lived in three dimensions, not just the height and width of your computer screen,” says a particularly wise T.I. Despite previously fighting for Major’s right to play video games, the amount of time spent staring at pixels has Papa Harris worried his youngest son won’t be able to carry a conversation. Enter every child’s least favorite topic: calling someone on the telephone. What if their mom answers? What if he forgets what he’s supposed to say? What if he says no? Impossible. You’re a Harris Man! And yes, Major, T.I. has Melo’s daddy’s number, because strangely enough, parents have friends, too.

Before the momentous play date, T.I. takes time to lecture his some on how to be a good host, not at all holding back on the snacks–he sprung for gummy worms AND jelly beans! By the time Major and Melo get to the indoor bounce castle, everyone is reaping the benefits of human interaction. “Now do you think playing with your friends is better than staying in the house playing video games all day?” Tip asks, eager to see the fruits of his carefully calculated, fatherly labor. He might be a little rusty, sure, but it’s nice to see Major getting a chance to run free. His need to repeatedly ask his playmate if he’s happy? Why he learned that from his daddy, of course.

Was it nice to see Major playing with friends outside the house? Did your heart melt just a little seeing T.I. peanut butter up some sandwiches? Is Tip the best dad on television right now? Yes, yes, and YES.

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