Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Cast React To Episode 4

Say it with us people: VAGINA. All together now: vagina. The actual names for our genitalia aren’t bad or dirty words. It’s ok to use their proper names. But we digress. K.Michelle had something she wanted to get off her mind about her “wooha.”

Mimi and K.Michelle can’t watch this scene without laughing. Only K can take a visit to the OBGYN into a MAAD TV comedy sketch. “K.Michelle is CRAZY!” Mimi yells as she’s watching it. Since president Obama is her fantasy guy she mentions, “Obama looks like he smells like a baked sweet potato pie right out the oven that ya grandmama made.” And now that she’s gotten the clearance from the doctor K has decided, “My wooha, I don’t think she’s broken. I just think she’s bored.”

Joseline and Stevie J aren’t laughing as they watch the Benzino parking lot scene. “Did you tell her or not? Just tell the truth.” Stevie’s interpretation of how it all went down: “Ra ra ra, ra ra ra. Somebody take me to a peaceful place.” And if you thought Joseline thought she was a megastar like Beyonce, think again. “You right, I’m not Beyonce, neither Rihanna. I’m Joseline Hernandez. Ahhe.”

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