‘I Did Not Have Sexual Relations With That Woman’: Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Tweet Roundup

Benzino won the ’net last night with his Bill Clinton-esque tweet on the whole Joseline situation. On the other side of the ’net Joseline and Stevie J were surprisingly quiet as mice.

  • ariane

  • benzino

  • drew

  • erica

  • k

  • karlie

  • mimi

  • mimi2

  • mimi3

  • traci

  • traci2

  • zino

  • zino2

  • zino3

  • zino4

Benzino never answered the question of whether or not he smashed Joseline so we’re glad he cleared that up on Twitter. And Erica may be a single woman again according to her mystic tweet. Twitter tells it all. Every single time. Don’t get caught slipping in these tweets.

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[Photo Credit: Twitter]