The Gossip Game: Sharon, Viv + Kim Go In On Ratchet Behavior

VH1 recently sat down with Mimi and Erica of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta to find out where they stood on certain topics, asking if specific people, songs and actions were “Ratchet or Not Ratchet?” Moving the spotlight over to some ladies in the later time slot on Monday nights, The Gossip Game’s Sharon, Viv and Kim recently took a stab at fielding similar questions.

Beyonce’s “Bow Down,” Chris Brown’s tattoos, and Stevie J juggling two women: ratchet or not ratchet? Do they defend Rihanna’s Instagram feed, or chalk it up to pure ratchetness? Watch the clip above to find that out and more, and tune-in on Monday night at 11pm ET/PT to watch The Gossip Game finale!

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