All Of T.I.’s Fatherly Wisdom From T.I. And Tiny: The Family Hustle Season Three

Regardless of how he looks in his music videos or live performances, on T.I. And Tiny: The Family Hustle, T.I. is seen as a modern day Cliff Huxtable or Mr. Rodgers — who just so happens  to have Rihanna’s number in his address book. Throughout Season Three, we watched as Tip taught his family valuable lessons and spouted memorable prose about the importance of trying something new and always putting your best foot forward. Sound cliche? Never! T.I.’s intonation is in a class by itself.

Check out all of the pieces of fatherly wisdom doled out by Tip this season and try instilling them in your own family activities going forward.

1. “Confidence Is The Key To Success”

“Now the only thing about that is you must perform at a higher stander and quality once you present yourself as such if you are a Harris, and if you’re from the ghetto,” Tip clarified. Translation: don’t let your upbringing hold you back from any experiences and always aim high.

2. “Don’t Let Life Imitate Art, Let Art Imitate Your Life”

While there have been public missteps throughout T.I.’s life, there has also been rehabilitation. The success T.I. has experienced has allowed him to provide for his family and protect them from harm’s way. “I’m going to make sure they have the most safe and prosperous life they can,” he explained. “There’s just gonna have to focus on what it is inside of them that they can offer the world.”

3. Live In The Moment

As a mother, Tiny’s mind naturally wanders to her children–even when she’s enjoying a competitive double date with her hubby and friends and Shekinah has the kids for the night. Tip reminded his lady (and the audience) that sometimes we need to just let things be. “Don’t worry about Shekinah, don’t worry about King, ain’t nothing to worry, don’t worry about nothing but right here,” he explained. Even with all of our obligations, it’s important to take some well-deserved “alone time” now and then. Life will go on.

4. “You Can’t Fall In Love With Everything You See”

Rather than let King get Serious with the latest lady in his life, Tip encouraged his son to keep his options open.  “As a young man you are going to have your picks and choosies of the young ladies out there,” he advised. “You’re still in the beginning process of learning.” While the family Tip and Tameka have created is a great example of all the benefits that come with a monogamous relationship, both mom and dad achieved their fair share of personal success before playing house. In other words, King: you’ve got time for that.

5. Don’t Be Afraid To Stick Up For Yourself

Typically the youngest child gets the brunt of his or her older siblings’ worst behavior: name-calling, pranks, wedgies, you name it. In Major’s case, King and his friends were icing him out from a coveted game, by way of “beating him up.” While Tip doesn’t want his son to get hurt–hence the Everlast boxing helmet–he definitely doesn’t want the neighborhood to think that a Harris man can’t defend himself. Don’t forget about Tip’s Code of the Streets (“We protect our own by any means necessary”).

6.”Life Is To Be Lived In Three Dimensions, Not Just In The Height And Width Of Your Computer Screen”

Tip will fight for Major’s right to play video games, but he also wanted to teach his youngest son that refining one’s people skills and enjoying outdoor activities are important parts of growing up.

7. “Difficult Takes A Day, Impossible Takes A Week”

Regardless of what his peers think or what society (and stereotypes) expect from him, T.I. puts forth a huge effort to make sure his children have a better life than he did, and will have made the world a better place when they leave it. Whatever ideas you have, think them; whatever you want to do, dream it. As long as you hustle, you’ll get to where you need to be. Parenting fads may come and go, but the belief in the power to achieve something is one that withstands the test of time.

What was the most memorable piece of fatherly wisdom Tip bestowed upon his family this season?

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