Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Cast Reacts To Episode 5

“Bitch mind yo f—ing business.” Joseline has a lot to say during “Check Yourself” as she’s watching the scene she and Stevie confront Karlie for popping off at the mouth.

Joseline gets riled up all over again seeing the confrontation play out before her eyes. Stevie’s jokes are numerous. “That was light love. Real liiight,” he says about the half hug he gave Karlie. “Her makeup look too caked on,” he continues. Stevie loves seeing Joseline clapping those hands while she’s talking. “Somebody’s about to get chin checked,” he said. He knows all to well when Joseline starts clapping with her hands while she’s talking (this is always a bad sign when any woman does it) that it’s time to be quiet or run. Stevie says he has the baddest boosh in the game. “I hope you got your weave strapped on tight.” Joseline’s reasoning for turning violent on Karlie is, “I’m from the streets. I was raised without any manners, I’m just a thug.” Joseline the Puerto Rican thug!

Mimi and Ariane react to their puzzlement around K.Michelle’s sex demons and bedazzled vagina. “I never had an issue with a sex demon,” Mimi said. “Sex demon? Not in my life,” Ariane said. As far as the salt around the bed Mimi thinks it’s hilarious. “What about some ketchup and some mustard? What is she talking about?” Watch the rest of the Check Yourself video to see what the cast had to say while watching themselves.

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