T.I. And Tiny: The Family Hustle Episode Seven: A Major Role

On tonight’s T.I. And Tiny: The Family Hustle season finale, Tip shows us why he’s the definition of “family man” by recruiting the brain power (and adorable faces) of his loyal brood. A music video from the minds of T.I. and Cee Lo must be innovative and entertaining, but after some serious discussion, it wasn’t looking like the group had reached a creative consensus. Ideas had been tossed around, sure, but how many people want to see young King shoot a glorious tiger right next to the dude who’s friends with The Muppets? “I’m glad my kids got a great imagination but I don’t think Tip’s going to be able to do anything with these ideas,” Tiny said, showing that even though they’re her own flesh and blood, she’ll still call a spade a spade.

Inspired by his talk with Major — who has the face only a camera could love and a surprisingly deep understanding of personal finances — Tip decided to go forward with the idea, scheduling a field trip to the desserts of Sin City where each key member in his life will portray a different experience contained within the journey of “a man who’s lost his way.”

Because who could really say “no” to that face?

And of course there were some lessons to be learned…

T.I.’s Fatherly Wisdom: Difficult Takes A Day, Impossible Takes A WeekYet again Tip showed both patience and respect when dealing with his youngest child, actively not brushing off Major’s request for an impromptu Take Your Child To Work Day, or instead encouraging him to go outside and play rather than involve himself in “grown up stuff.” It all comes back to the concept of “family first,” a mantra the Harrises and Black Ink Crew’s Ceaser know all too well. But when it comes to finding a part that’s fit for your five-year-old, there are some creative limitations. (Fortunately face paint always works for the Under 10 crowd.)

With a few well-received roles to his name (Netflix American Gangster this Memorial Day weekend), T.I. is not afraid to show off his acting chops, and he took Major under his wing on set to ensure he delivered his best performance possible. Think back to Episode Two when King and Domani were obsessed with the notion of being “gangsters,” so much so that Tip had to sit them down during a video shoot and remind them how lucky they are not to be about that life. Regardless of what his peers think or what society and stereotypes expect from him, T.I. is putting forth a huge effort to make sure his children have a better life than he did, and will have made the world a better place when they leave it. Whatever ideas you have, think them; whatever you want to do, dream it. As long as you hustle, you’ll get to where you need to be. Parenting fads may come and go, but the belief in the power to achieve something is one that withstands the test of time. And just think, these inspiring servings of parental realness all comes from the man who dances like this!

What did you think about T.I. casting the Harris family in his music video? Is Major destined to be ANYTHING but a star?

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