VH1’s Weekly Wrap-Up: Six Must-See Moments

We smiled as T.I. included his whole family in his music video for “Hello” on T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle, and cheered on the Grand River Singers as they performed at the Mall Of America on Off Pitch. And between Stevie J. and Joseline calling Karlie Redd a liar (liar pants on fire) on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and the showdown between K. Foxx and Angela on The Gossip Game, VH1 was full of entertaining bites to keep you chatting throughout the week. But which moment has you pushing rewind?

Check out our top picks below, and let us know your favorite clip from the past seven days.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Is Karlie A Liar?

Karlie has been known to get involved in other people’s business from all the way back in Season One. Whether it’s telling Mimi about Joseline’s relationship with Stevie J., or telling Joseline about Benzino, Karlie just can’t seem to keep her mouth shut! Joseline and Stevie decide to confront the gossipmonger about running her mouth; it’s about time someone put her in her place. And in true Joseline Hernandez fashion, this confrontation is wild and hilarious.

T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle: The Harris Family Stars In T.I.’s New Music Video

Not only is T.I. a lyrical genius and great performer, but he’s the ultimate family man. Our hearts melted as we watched Tip cast his entire family in “Hello.” During a brainstorming session for video concepts, he works hard to make sure everyone feels included. As Tiny says, “Tip goes out of his way to make sure everyone feels a part of his music career and it makes it that much more meaningful for all of us to go to the top together.” Keep up that Harris Hustle!

The Gossip Game: Can K. Foxx and Angela Make Amends?

New York radio stations Hot 97 and Power 105.1 have had a longstanding history in hip-hop. At the heart of this rivalry are K. Foxx and Angela Yee, whose final showdown took place on this week’s season finale. The tension between these women has been brewing all season (beginning with JasFly’s surprise interview) and it’s finally time they meet face-to-face to clear the air. After watching what goes down and comparing the women’s stats, whose side are you on?

I’m Married To A…: Channon Explains Her Career Choice

Not every guy can handle dating a porn star, but with Channon’s love and reassurance, Travis has no problem whatsoever with her career choice. It’s interesting to learn how Channon got involved in the adult film industry and how Travis initially reacted to this news. Even more so, it’s refreshing to learn about a couple who has complete trust in one another and will not let others define who they are.

Off Pitch: The Grand River Singers Perform At The Mall Of America

After weeks of preparation, rehearsals, and performances, the Grand River Singers finally take the stage at the Mall Of America. This being their biggest performance venue to date, it’s hard not to cheer on GRS as they perform in front of thousands of entertained shoppers.

Model Employee: Diving With Sharks Or Dining With Rats?

This week’s dirty job challenge requires the models to swim with sharks of Mandalay Bay and prepare the deadly creatures a nice meal–which consists of cutting the heads off of dead rats. Umm… gross? Sure, we can root for Shannone to dive right into the task at hand and overcome a lifelong fear of sharks, but we were not necessarily wishing we could trade places with the ladies right about now. So much for wishing we lived the life of a model.

Do you think that Karlie Redd is lying? Did you cheer on T.I. and The Grand River Singers? Are you Team K. Foxx or Team Angela? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

What Was Your Favorite VH1 Moment This Week?

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