Love And Hip Hop Atlanta – Episode 6 – “Just Get Your Diddy On And Bop”

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta has changed KirkHis lack of excitement when Rasheeda told him she was pregnant was disheartening. Poor Rasheeda.  In another part of town Mimi was prepping for her lead role in her man Nikko’s video. When K.Michelle and Ariane showed up K’s mouth gets her into a verbal war with the guys. Mimi’s just about had enough of K.Michelle fighting with folks. Enjoy the best quotes of the night, scene-by-scene.

Mimi meets with Stevie J to talk Eva responsibilities, but Stevie wants to know about Mimi’s new man. Mimi doesn’t divulge much and it’s clear that Stevie thinks the new guy is no competition.

“He better get his track shoes on. Keep up around here.” -Stevie
“Even superman needed a stunt double.” -Stevie
“I don’t like my daughter around your friend…she’s completely inappropriate for a toddler.” – Mimi
“We’re bounded forever.” – Stevie

In Shay’s umpteenth attempt to stay relevant she has a girl pow wow with Traci about Scrappy. Shay cannot let go so she wants some insight on whether she should cause him harm or wish him well.

“The last time I seen that man I ain’t know whether to punch that bitch or to fight him.” – Shay
“I’ve done it all. Everything you could possibly imagine a woman to do to payback and get revenge and make him hurt and make him feel it, I did it. Busting tires, breaking windows, beating up girls, everything you could think of.” – Traci
“Time, time, time. I don’t got time for that.” – Shay
“You don’t have time for time? You don’t want no warrants…Just move on.” -Traci

A lit fireplace and candles didn’t make Rasheeda breaking the pregnancy news to Kirk any less difficult. It was hard to watch Rasheeda cry when all she wanted was for her husband to be excited about the new addition to their family.

“I didn’t know you really like, take breaks in a marriage. I feel like you work s— out.” – Rasheeda
“What part of bad timing is saying no?” You not being a team player…and it irritates the s— out of me.” – Kirk
“I tell you something that the Lord is blessing us with and you telling me, oh the timing ain’t good.” – Rasheeda
“I’m ready to have a break.” – Kirk
“That’s your fault…cause I told you you should’ve kept taking your pills.” – Kirk
“I been taking them sh*ts since a teenager.” – Rasheeda
“Am I pregnant?” – Kirk
“Just because you pull out don’t mean a woman can’t get pregnant. You learn that sh*t in damn middle school.” – Rasheeda

Momma Dee’s still on her quest to get Scrappy back with Shay even taking it as far as inviting him over for dinner with Shay already there. Let’s not forget the EOE cake she baked. End of engagement.

“He brought his clothes over, he said, ’Ma I can’t take it no more.'” – Momma Dee
“Ma, get your dog.” – Scrappy
“I’m taking a break from everything, except for being a daddy.” – Scrappy
“You ain’t gotta be all in my business.” – Scrappy
“I’m not your daddy and I’m not your boyfriend.” – Scrappy
“You didn’t read it well.” – Scrappy
“I heard it well.” – Momma Dee

Traci is still interested in investing in the store as long as she can have a say so on who Drew hires. The interviews go terribly wrong leading to Traci’s obsession with h*s.

“Looks like he just brought in a bunch of h*s.” – Traci
“Lot of noodles.” – Drew
“I thought they were called video h*s.” – Traci
“Please don’t piss me off. I’m not in the mood.” – Traci
“Bye video hos.” – Traci
“Where’s your degree? Do you have one?” – random interviewee
“I need the check. I need the 25,000.” – Drew
“You got to relax more.” – Drew
“Can I get the money though?” – Drew

Stevie J loves to rescue women. He stops by Che Mack’s house after hearing someone broke in her house, gifting her with what looks like a 42″ TV. Stevie’s never going to learn.

“For me to work with you it’s going to be a risk for me.” – Stevie J
“Dry your eyes, I got something for you.” – Stevie J

Mimi is ready to throw out the old and bring in the new. She’s finally ready to cover the matching tattoo she and Stevie have.

“A new arm.” – Mimi
“High five bitch.” – Mimi

Scrappy’s tired of his mama’s mess so he consults his dad about the engagement and Momma Dee getting in his business. His dad is preacher so he’s going to give it him straight.

“Come on man…why you have other young ladies’ numbers?” – Scrappy’s dad
“What kind of mess is that?” – Scrappy’s dad
“I don’t know, but it’s my mess.” – Scrappy

Joseline and Stevie are talking business and personal over some hookah. She warns Stevie she better not find out he’s dealing with Che Mack.

“You just need to keep the bitches away from me.” – Joseline
“And this ratchet bitch. I’m sick of this h*.” – Joseline
“Eeeer, let me finish.” – Joseline
“Let me find out you in the studio with this ratchet a– metal mouth a– h*.” – Joseline
“I’m not in the studio with Che Mack.” – Stevie
“Let’s cheers to becoming one.” – Stevie

K.Michelle and Ariane stop by the video shoot to support Mimi who will be the leading lady of Nikko’s video. All hell breaks loose when K accuses one of Nikko’s friends of being gay. Mimi is tired of everybody and their bull.

“Oh it’s a good song?” – K.Michelle
“Johnny is clearly gay.” – K.Michelle
“But why is Johnny rapping about girls? He like men.” – K.Michelle
“Just rap about what you know about it.” – K.Michelle
“What you gon’ wear? A speedo?” – K.Michelle
“I just hope she don’t look like a two dollar ho on a iPhone 5 video shoot.” – K.Michelle

“Just get your Diddy on and bop.” -K.Michelle
“Don’t be mad because your co-pilot is gay. You might be too.” – K.Michelle
“You’re PMSing, eat chocolate.” – K.Michelle
“Move away from your roommate. You have a roommate in Atlanta. Rent isn’t that high boo boo in Atlanta. This is not New York. 1,000 dollar rent and you split it? Get the f— out of here.” – K.Michelle

“Her a– got a mind of its own.” – Johnny
“Yell at the motherf—- you need to yell at Mimi. Don’t do it.” – Ariane
“Can’t some s— be about me some gotd— time and not everybody else and they bulls—?” – Mimi

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