K.Michelle Vs. Mimi’s Man Nikko: Who Was Right? [POLL]

What started out as K.Michelle and Ariane supporting their girl Mimi on a video shoot turned into K.Michelle and Mimi’s boyfriend sparring with words. And no one has proven to be a match for K.

All was fun until K.Michelle voiced her opinion on Nikko’s friend Johnny. “But why is Johnny rapping about girls? He like men.” Backstage girl talk turned into Johnny eavesdropping, overhearing the entire conversation K.Michelle tried to keep it cute when Johnny approached her, but he wasn’t letting it go. “Focus my darling,” she said. “Get your Diddy on and bop.” Nikko also had some choice words for K.Michelle and told her to leave. During her grand exit she not only accused both men of being gay, she also wanted everyone to know Nikko has a roommate in Atlanta where the rent ain’t that high. “You have a roommate in Atlanta. Rent is not that high boo boo in Atlanta.”

Mimi eventually comes back inside and goes HAM. Ariane has to step in because she felt the guys ganged up on K.Michelle and she wants Mimi to direct her anger towards Nikko and Johnny. When keeping it real goes wrong. Did K.Michelle start this kerfuffle? Were the guys wrong for ganging up on her? Who should Mimi be mad at? Take our poll and let us know your thoughts in the comment section. Tune in next Monday at 8PM ET/PT to find out if Mimi will confront K.Michelle.

K.Michelle Vs. Nikko: Who Is Wrong?

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