The Scoop: 9 Things You Never Knew About K.Michelle

Whether she’s shaking tables, spouting off incredible one-liners or changing her hairstyle, K.Michelle is one of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s most beloved cast members. Not only is she reality television gold, but the girl can sing. Like, really sing. She introduced the world to her singing abilities back in 2009, when she released “Fakin’ It” (featuring Missy Elliott) and kept her hungry-fans satisfied with follow-ups “Fallin'” and “I Just Can’t Do This.”

During season one, we learned her tumultuous relationship with her former flame and record executive was the reason why the hits stopped coming. K.Michelle’s hasn’t let her hardships define her, if anything her struggle has helped her grow to be a woman for young girls to admire. Throughout Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, she’s shown her passion for her friendships, her drive to succeed, inability to give up and love for music. We’re huge K.Michelle fans here at VH1 so we’re honored that she is the first Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast member to get The Scoop treatment. From where her inspiration comes from to her dating deal breaker, find out the nine things you never knew about K.Michelle!

Read on to relive some of our favorite K.Michelle moments!

The moment that set the internet ablaze – “Don’t Shake Unless You’re Ready to Get Shook”:

Karlie and K attempt to resolve their table-shaking beef, but their friendship is DOA:

K doesn’t play when it comes to her friends. She let Erica know exactly what type of way Scrappy and Shay were acting at his mixtape release party:

Some wounds cut deep and there’s no hope for her and Rasheeda’s reconciliation:

Kirk drops into the studio to casually threaten K.Michelle after her altercation with Rasheeda. K takes a serious situation and makes it humorous by putting her feelings for Kirk into a song:

And who could forget when she went to the gynecologist convinced something was wrong with her hoohah due to lack of arousal after a break up:

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