Should Mimi Forgive K.Michelle For Smacking Her With Flowers? [POLL]

Mimi telling K.Michelle she won’t ever have a man was a trigger that K.Michelle didn’t respond to well. As friends couldn’t the ladies have talked it out over cocktails?

Ariane pushed and pushed for her two friends to have a conversation about the incident between Mimi’s man and K.Michelle. Feelings were expressed, but everything went awry when K.Michelle dissed Nikko’s alleged roommate situation. Blasting a grown man for having a roomie in ATL wasn’t the final blow K delivered to Mimi’s man. Once again she accused Nikko of being gay which upset Mimi, rightfully so. Mimi clapped back with what was a soft spot for K.Michelle. “You don’t even have a man,” she yelled. “You will never have one.” Can we all please stop with shaming single women? And while we’re at it let’s stop tying a woman’s worth to whether or not she’s someone’s girlfriend.

K.Michelle was tired of verbally warring and popped Mimi in the face with the flowers Ariane had gifted her. Mimi kept her hands to herself and called K.Michelle out for being a “wack bitch” who couldn’t even refrain from hitting someone. K.Michelle was dead wrong and she knows it, which is why she has gone on record saying she has since apologized. They’ve been out together and done interviews stating they’re friends again. Should Mimi have forgiven K.Michelle? Can a friendship recover after someone puts their hands on the other person? Speak your piece in the comments, and don’t forget to vote!

Should Mimi Forgive K.Michelle For Hitting Her With Flowers?

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