Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Tweet Roundup: Raqi And Traci Beef?

Raqi Thunda conjured up a beef with Traci on Twitter during Love and Hip Hop Atlanta last night. Instead of playing any subtweeting games Traci took it straight to Raqi for all of Twitter to see.

It gets real in these Twitter streets. Momma Dee, without saying Erica’s name, called her the devil after the tarot card reading. Stevie J still thinks Ariane’s a snake even though he spelled her name wrong. Traci responds directly to tweeters who thinks she needs to let go of Drew before she can give anybody advice on relationships. She told a few tweeps to have several seats. A seat we will have, with our popcorn while clicking through the real-time drama that unfolded over on Twitter. No one’s safe in these streets tweets.

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