Love And Hip Hop Atlanta – Episode 9 – Damaged And Deranged

Mimi can’t catch a break in the relationship or friendship department. If it’s not one of her friendships crumbling it’s her man (or baby’s father) testing her very last nerve. Can Mimi live?

Joseline broke up with Stevie for the 53rd time, but she still has to deal with him on a business level. “I want my money,” says Joseline. “I need my money from the advance on a deal.” She doesn’t want to fight, but she does want to work, which she says is hindered because of his wayward beefcake being thrown all around town. “Check this out, we don’t have no deal,” says Stevie. Joseline isn’t trying to hear it. “Maybe if you stop chasing p—y around town you could get my deals to go through the correct way.” And she can’t fathom how he can even have sex with other women since she has sex with him for 20 hours straight. “Your d— not raw?” Stevie’s had enough and walks out with his Kanye backpack.

K.Michelle is on damage control since her A&R told her to clean up her image. Can’t have TV and Twitter beefs getting in the way of her music career. She decided to have a chat with Karlie Redd because if she can move past their issues she can do anything. “I respect truth and honesty more than anything,” K tells Karlie. K admits that she may be a little coo-coo. Two times for her self-awareness! “Any problem, Karlie, get it out because I don’t want to fight with you no mo’.” Karlie breaks it to K that she made a diss record about her. They laugh about it with K saying she’ll give Karlie this one pass. That may all change once she hears what Karlie put on wax.

Since Stevie and his main chick have called it quits, it’s back to Mimi. But before getting back in Mimi’s good graces he hits up her BFF Ariane to find out what’s going on. Stevie tells Ariane he’s genuinely happy for Mimi if Mimi’s happy. Ariane doesn’t believe him. “So why the f— are you here?” she asks. Ariane goes back and forth with Stevie on his manipulative ways and whether or not he’s a good guy as he claims. “You hurt my friend,” Ariane said. “You hurt her hard.” Ariane is moved to tears. That finger is in his face wagging like crazy. In her moment of emotion she slips and tells him that Mimi’s not really happy. That was just what Stevie needed to gas him to plot his next move that will land him back in Mimi’s arms.

Mimi’s expanding her cleaning business into a fashion brand– MADE. During her photo shoot Nikko comes in to give his approval and direction. Mimi shuts his “direction” down. “You’re f—–g up my vibe.” Mimi is determined to do it on her own. Once he sees he can’t run her shoot he gifts her with a Rolex (without diamonds) that he wants her to wear in the photos. “You never see me with anything dainty on. I like big chunky s—,” she says in her green screen after being disappointed with the Roley. He’s having a release party for his video, the one Mimi was supposed to be a leading lady in, but Mimi wasn’t happy about the early cut she saw that barely featured her. He promises her he’s fixed it to her liking.

Rasheeda’s mom loves Kirk. That is her boy. After Rasheeda tells mom dukes how he’s been behaving her opinion may shift. “That is a big, big, big problem,” Rasheeda’s mom says after hearing Kirk suggested an abortion. Her mom is wise enough to know something ain’t clean in the milk. “Oh hell nawl,” mom says to finding out Kirk comes home at 3:00 a.m. “Look like to me he’s keeping company somewhere else.” Rasheeda suspects he’s cheating too. When mom asks if he’s acting funny about her looking through his phone Rasheeda says yes, but she did it anyway. “I looked anyway. F— it. I don’t care. You gotta go to the bathroom or finally go to sleep. I’m gon’ look.” Luckily she didn’t find anything. Rasheeda’s mom wants to talk to him one-on-one.

Benzino and Stevie squash their beef over cigars. Awwww. We love that their bromance is back on again. Benzino apologizes for how he talked to Joseline, but Stevie stopped him to let him know he’s not rocking with Joseline right now. He wants to talk about Mimi. Benzino thinks Stevie can have Mimi whenever he wants which puts the battery in Stevie’s back to go for his woman.

Stevie wastes no time to get Mimi back on his bus. Mimi doesn’t think Stevie gets how he hurt her. “Would you stay with me if I publicly dated someone for a year?” she asked. Of course he wouldn’t. Stevie’s solution is to buy Mimi something because material things solve all of life’s problems. “You got to be looking right in these streets,” he says. He wants to gift her with a new car. Mimi says it doesn’t make up for all the hurt, but says “I would love something new.” Girl, Mimi, you are so confusing.

It’s K.Michelle’s birthday. Remember how that turned out season one? K.Michelle’s turned over a new leaf and invited Karlie. “Cheers to safe sex and paychecks and learning how to give great head,” she toasts. When Benzino shows up with a present in hand for K, Karlie is salty about the diamond necklace he gifts her. “You must be doing really well,” she says with disgust. Karlie’s gift to K wasn’t exactly diamonds, but it was something she’ll never forget. Who gives someone a diss record on their birthday? Instead of playing it in the car on her way home, Ariane grabs the CD to take over to the DJ for him to play it in front of everybody. Bad idea Ariane. “The lyrics said that my mentor peed on me,” recaps K.Michelle.

K is mad because Karlie’s questioning her abuse story. When she stands up to speak her peace Karlie stands up too. “Karlie, sit down. Don’t do it,” K warns. K.Michelle threw a drink in her face and Karlie retaliates with a drink in K.Michelle’s face. Everyone leaves the club, but K.Michelle says she’s not that mad at Karlie and gives her a hug. So, what was the point of throwing a drink? Ariane is so happy because for once two people have made up.

Rasheeda’s mom gets straight to the point with her son-in-law. “She told me you want to get an abortion?” she states as a question. He tells her there’s a lot of business events going on that makes the pregnancy inconvenient. “She’s pregnant. She’s not gonna get an abortion. Ok. She’s not gonnna get a blood test and you can’t make her,” mom says as she gets madder and madder. “What’s the f—-g smirk about?” She wants him to spill the beans on whatever it is that has him acting crazy. “You are out of damn line,” she tells him. Nothing came from their conversation. But one thing’s for sure: mom dukes is not to be messed with.

The girls are pre-gaming before the video release party and having a little girl talk. Mimi tells them about the his and her watch he gifted her with the bezel diamonds missings. Ariane asks her if Nikko’s actions are a little similar to Stevie’s. “Whatever’s going on he’s been a really nice guy to me.” Mimi invited Stevie to Nikko’s video premiere party. “You being real ballsy,” Ariane said. They let her know she can’t be mad if poop hits the fan because she brought it on herself.

At the video release party Nikko’s edited version still features Mimi very little. Stevie walks in looking casket sharp. Ariane thinks it’s hilarious that he’s there. When he spots Mimi’s watch he says, “It’s ticking though.” A Rolex should never tick tock. Stevie presents his “real” gift to Mimi in front of her new man. “Is that a key to a motherf—-g car b*tch?” A BMW key at that. “This is not real,” Stevie says to Nikko pointing to the watch. He then steals the spotlight by grabbing Mimi to go check out her new car.

“You give me this it should be mine with no strings attached,” Mimi says. Stevie’s down with that, for now at least. Nikko’s waiting inside and plays it cool about the car, but really he wants to know what else is going on between the exes. “You’re damaged. We’re gon’ talk about that,” Nikko said. “You sound like a deranged woman.” Ariane, as always, is right there to pull her friend away. Can Mimi find one man that comes with no drama? Is it the men or maybe it’s her?

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