Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Check Yourself: Mimi Has Some Words For Nikko

Nikko was fronting about adding the BMW Stevie J gifted Mimi to “the collection in the garage.” As expected, he has no collection of cars–coming from his woman herself.

Stevie thinks Nikko and his friend are a joke. “Who are these guys?” he says in the Check Yourself video as he watches the show live. “Ren and Stimpy.” Stevie’s not feeling the video and he doesn’t think his baby’s mother should’ve been in it. As far as the Rolex (or fake Rolex) even Mimi’s doubting if it’s real. “Did Nikko just buy me a fake f—-g watch?” The BMW though, that’s as real as it gets. And in the words of Ariane, “Rat face is winning. Be mad Nikko.”

Benzino thinks he looked fly, if he may say so himself. He didn’t care about seeing Karlie but he’s always up for seeing her assets. Ariane and Benzino couldn’t help but notice how salty Karlie was after Benzino gave K.Michelle diamonds for her birthday. “How long were y’all dating? And you didn’t get nothing?” Ariane says. Ariane claims she didn’t know it was a diss record. Benzino, however, knew drama was sure to ensue. “Any other birthday parties, I’m not coming. Especially if there’s gonna be cupcakes and all kinds of drinks,” Benzino says. In the words of Sweet Brown, “Ain’t nobody got time fo’ that.”

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