Love And Hip Hop Atlanta: Watch K.Michelle’s Tearful Apology To Mimi

Last night’s episode of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta saw K.Michelle and Mimi come together at Ariane’s grandfather’s wake. Ever the mediator, Ariane led the former friends outside–after K provided moving vocals during the service–and facilitated an open discussion about a certain floral incident at B.B. King’s likely no one has forgotten about.

“I accept my role in this argument between us. I should have never did that, because you’re somebody that I love,” K said with a tear running down her face. Even if Mimi didn’t believe this was the time nor the place to air their grievances, both K and Ariane’s outward display of emotion had to have done something to her, right? Right?! Alas, after all she’s been through with Nikko, Stevie, and her friends, she’s “fresh out of gas.”

Mimi’s since explained how truly talented she believes K.Michelle to be. As for the Rebellious Soul? K told us she and Mimi are indeed friends right now–whether she likes her boyfriend or not is a different story.

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