Staff Picks: The Best VH1 Show Moments Of 2013 (So Far…)

In addition to our Favorite VH1 shows of 2013, we’re digging a bit deeper to reveal the moments that had us saying “OMG,” “WTF?” and of course, “LOL”-ing until we couldn’t breathe.

From The Gossip Game stars making up their own words, to the Puerto Rican Princess refusing to speak to anyone who may or may not clean bathrooms, read on for our staff picks.

Amanda Seales’ Elbow Dancing (Master Of The Mix)
Nothing better than watching the host of MOTM ham it up while the contestants attempted to win over the crowd with their club beats. She sure could work those elbows. –Stacy Lambe

JasFly Invents a New Word: “Genuity” (The Gossip Game)
The beef between JasFly and Ms. Drama lasted the entire season of The Gossip Game. It boiled over when Ms. Drama told Jas she lacked genuineness. Never one to back down, Jas snapped back, “It’s called genuity! That’s the word!” As it turns out, “genuity” is not a word. It’s even less of a non-word when you’re using it to correct someone else’s vocabulary. This scene is one of the biggest reality TV fumbles in VH1 history. –Orlando Lima

When JasFly tried to son Ms. Drama by correcting her word usage on The Gossip Game, she only ended up sonning herself. Don’t worry, Jas! We’re all human and muddle our words every so often, but it was entertaining to see the always prepared and buttoned-up speaker actually show an imperfection on national television. –Lacey Seidman

Joseline Refuses To Talk To “The Help” (Love And Hip Hop Atlanta)
Stevie J never knew how to juggle multiple women at once. Why he thinks it’s a good idea to conduct what is essentially a business meeting at a club we’ll never know, but bringing Che Mack and the Puerto Rican princess together led to the most epic throwing of shade. –Emily Exton

Josh Relieves Himself (Off Pitch)
When Josh peed in an empty water bottle in a moving car without dripping a drop–I’m awed by his talent. –Meghan O’Keefe

Shake It (Hit The Floor)
All the dance sequences. Damn, those women can nail some Laker Girl-esque choreo! –Tia Williams

The Hard Life of Rich Dollaz (Love And Hip Hop)
Any time Rich Dollaz put on his struggle face. Any. Time. –Jordan Runtagh

“Hi Maid” (Love And Hip Hop Atlanta)
Joseline’s “Hi maid” to Mimi has to be my favorite moment, tied with when K.Michelle said to Rasheeda, “I’m Rasheeda, I rap like Shawty Lo.” You can’t make up this level of comedy. –Bene Viera

Lucifer and Lady Boss Call A Truce (Mob Wives)
If you watched season two of Mob Wives, and the reunion in particular, you never saw this moment coming. Drita and Ramona spit so much venom and hate at each other that it was clear these ladies would never reconcile their differences. But a new year and a new season brought a new perspective on things. I’m a sucker for a happy ending—or as Ramona calls it, “a f—ed up, sadistic dream”—and that’s what we got with these two. –Elizabeth Black

Vivian and Ms. Drama Go Wild at Aloft (The Gossip Game)
A ratchet-riddled guilty pleasure. “Pitbull” is officially the insult of the year. –Rahsheeda Ali

Flavor Flav Jumps (Couples Therapy 3)
Flavor Flav takes a fall and simultaneously screams his signature “FLAVOR FLAVVVVVVVVV!!!” This moment took me back seven years to the Flavor of Love days. I didn’t realize how much I missed my favorite hype man. –Caitlyn Driscoll

La Gets Called Out (La La’s Full Court Life)
My favorite moment was when La La was forced to realize that she can behave badly–namely, selfish and crazy. It’s obvious her BFFs Po and Dice love and adore her, but they are ready to fly like a bird and live their own lives. In this clip, she gets called out by Maino, Charlamagne Tha God, Po, and Dice on how she’s has been unfair to her crew. -Johnique Tullis-Brodie

T.I. Tells His Kids To Tell Their Own Story (T.I. And Tiny: The Family Hustle)
I love how supportive and encouraging T.I. is, while also instilling very important values and lessons. My heart melts during every episode. –Crystal Puccio

Intervention: Twerking (Stevie TV)

I love how silly this skit is–it reminds me of a classic Monty Python bit (The Ministry of Silly Walks). –Ted Reyes

O’S–t Says Goodbye To LuLu (Black Ink Crew)
It was a sad moment, but having grown up with a single father for many years myself, it was great to see a dad’s perspective on the father-daughter bond. –Heidi Williams-Foy

Tip Gives Major His Big Break (T.I. And Tiny: The Family Hustle)
Everyone knows T.I. as a rapper so it’s nice to see the family man side of him whenever he shares some fatherly wisdom and teaches his kids some life lessons. In this scene, we really get to see both sides of T.I. (the rapper and the father). Plus, his kids (especially Major) are just too cute to handle! –Katie Meena

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