First Look At The Hollywood Exes Season Premiere: $19.95 Plus Shipping And Handling

Last season on Hollywood Exes, the Andrea Kelly phrasebook included such gems as “Baby hair don’t care” and “Check your email.” This season, add to that “For $19.95 plus shipping and handling.” In this sneak peek from Monday’s season premiere, Drea is worked up because she is apparently in a Twitter war with Jessica (note: she is too grown to be in a true Twitter war, but it stems from one particular tweet where Jessica referred to Drea as a hypocrite).

Drea’s been living her life in Chicago lately, so when she heads back to L.A. to meet back up with her girls and Jessica, she promises that “You bring it to me crazy, I’m gonna deliver it to you crazy for $19.95 plus shipping and handling it’s coming right to your door.”

For more Drea-isms, tune in when Hollywood Exes airs Monday nights this summer at 10pm ET/PT.