Mothers And Fathers: The Best Moments Of The Hollywood Exes Season Premiere

Hooray for the return of Hollywood Exes! Season two dips into the drama right off the bat as we greet the return of our favorite L.A. ladies, Nicole Murphy, Sheree Fletcher, Mayte Garcia, Jessica Canseco, and Andrea Kelly. Drea and Jessica have a new conflict, Mayte might have a new baby, and Nicole has an unexpected family loss. Re-live the biggest moments of the night below.
Mayte’s Mama Drama

The best thing about this conversation between Mayte and her mother, Nelly, (aside from Nelly carrying one of their dogs in a baby carrier) is the honest, open nature they share. Mayte’s able to confide in her mother that she went on a date with a guy who told her it was a dealbreaker if she didn’t perform b— jobs. “What. A. Nerd,” is her mom’s response. I love these two. But things turned sour when Nelly reacted negatively when Mayte expresses her desire to adopt a baby girl. “My dream of being a grandmother was just gone,” Nelly says. Mayte explains that in the Latin community, the belief that “if it’s not blood, it’s not family” pervades and her mom can’t get on board. Mayte’s desire to be a mom is strong enough though that her mind is made up, with or without her mom’s approval. Later, when Mayte gets an email that the adoption can proceed because the birth mother is positive she’s giving up the child, Nelly responds “I’m not babysitting.” Mayte has her work cut out for her.

Five New Aunties

The tension between Jessica and Drea is thick this season, because Drea’s miffed about a tweet Jessica wrote calling her out as a hypocrite. The thing is, Jessica doesn’t know why there’s a weird vibe in the room. The women haven’t seen each other in a while so when they finally do get together, Mayte actually decides to take control of the situation by telling the girls her adoption news to distract from the tension. The news seems to come out of the blue and while everyone has questions and concerns, they’re all excited to be aunties. And for now, the news diffuses the Jessica-Drea situation.

Drea’s Back In Rare Form

We know that Drea Kelly can deliver a one-liner like no one else and this week she was full of them. While discussing her “Twitter war” with Jessica, she tells her BFF and assistant Tony the following:

No Way Jose

Jessica and Jose have an “it’s complicated” relationship. Last season, he wanted to move back in with her so they could co-parent their daughter, Josie. This season, he’s moved back to L.A., though not into Jessica’s house, but he’s closer and taking more of an interest in their family. (And buying Josie a Mercedes for her sixteenth birthday…not too shabby.) The tough part is that Jessica is now seeing a new man, despite having lingering feelings for her ex. Hey, I get it, you have a child with this guy and you know his most intimate secrets, like the fact that he has finger-toes.

Nicole Loses Her Dad

While Mayte’s relationship with her mother has been tested this week, Nicole is dealing with parental issues of her own, of a totally different kind. Her father, who had recently been diagnosed with cancer, passed away. “It just took him overnight,” she says. Nicole tells Jessica she’s heading up to northern California to console her mother, and though she’s grieving she acknowledges that it’s all part of the cycle of life.

This season will definitely see a lot of drama, tension (“like a tight-ass weave,” Drea says in the previews), and excitement. Tell us what you’re most looking forward to from the Exes in the comments below!