VH1’s Weekly Wrap-Up: Punches Fly, Twitter Beefs Begin, And Kirk Gets Thrown Out

This week VH1 replaced wedding bells with clinking champagne glasses to mark the return of Hollywood Exes. This season dove right into the drama beginning with Jessica and Andrea’s Twitter beef. Meanwhile, Mayte began the process of adoption which her mother did not fully support.

VH1’s primetime line-up really brought the drama this week. With Rasheeda kicking Kirk out on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, German punching Derek on Hit The Floor, and Liz deciding to leave counseling on Couples Therapy, even the air conditioning couldn’t turn down the heat! From digs and jabs to dismissals, there were unexpected surprises around every corner. But which show still has you in shock? Check out our favorite moments from this past week.

Hollywood Exes: Mayte Announces Her Adoption Plans

After years of healing from the loss of her baby, Mayte desperately wants to have another child. After evaluating all of her options, she decides that adoption is the right path for her. When Mayte tells the girls that someone reached out to her about adopting a baby girl, the women celebrate this joyous news. We couldn’t be more happy for Mayte either!

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Rasheeda Kicks Kirk Out

When Traci meets up with Rasheeda to tell her what she witnessed at her event in relation to Kirk in the lake house, Rasheeda is furious. When Kirk arrives, an emotional Rasheeda confronts him about cheating and yells at him to get out of the house and leave. We are all the way #TeamRasheeda on this one.

Hit The Floor: German Punches Derek

While on the red carpet for the movie premiere, Derek does an interview saying that he has found a woman who inspires him to be better. When German overhears what Derek is saying, German punches him in the face and all hell breaks loose. Considering all that has happened between Derek and Ahsha, can you really blame him?

Couples Therapy: Liz Decides To Leave Therapy

From the very beginning, Liz never seemed too happy to be attending therapy sessions with Flavor Flav. After a week of intense therapy and ongoing arguments with Flavor Flav, in the middle of the night Liz decides that she has had enough and she wants to go home. This couple still has a lot of work to be done and we hope Liz decides to stay in order to save her relationship with Flavor Flav.

Would you have kicked out Kirk? Was German punching Derek a punk move? Do you think Liz will decide to stay in couples therapy? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

What Was Your Favorite VH1 Moment This Week?

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