VH1’s Weekly Wrap-Up: La La Talks Dirty On Full Court Life While Mia Digs Up Dirt On Hit The Floor

This week, VH1’s prime-time lineup did not shy away from confrontation. Whether it was Andrea confronting Jessica about what was said on Twitter on Hollywood Exes, Mia trying to find Ahsha but instead meeting Sloane on Hit The Floor, or Tyler telling Catelynn that he is not ready to get married on Couples Therapy, emotions were exploding like fireworks on Independence Day. And this week also marked the return of everyone’s favorite wife and mother, La La Anthony. But which show continues to spark your interest? Check out our favorite moments from the past week.

La La’s Full Court Life: La La Reveals Her New Book

In the season four premiere episode of La La’s Full Court Life, La La began her career as an author, and holds a launch party to reveal the cover of her first book, The Love Playbook, which offers relationship advice, La La’s insight on love, and rules for sex, love, and happiness. At the party, La La decides to read a juicy excerpt from a chapter. We love to see La La succeed! YOU GO GIRL!

Stevie TV: Pawn Stars

On the season finale of Stevie TV, Stevie Ryan brought back our favorite character – Katrina. In this episode of Pawn Stars, Katrina tries to make money off of a prosthetic leg that she clearly just stole off somebody. With her straightforward comments and crass attitude, Katrina’s actions always end with hilarious results. C’mon now – “It’s Katrina, bitches!”

Hollywood Exes: Andrea Confronts Jessica

When Nicole decides to take the girls out shopping for some retail therapy, Andrea decides it is finally time to confront Jessica about what she said on Twitter. The women talk in order to get a better understanding of one another’s intentions. We’re still surprised there is still all this drama over a single tweet. Yikes!

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Can Joseline and Karlie Get Along?

When K.Michelle invites Joseline to Karlie’s showcase with the hopes of making peace, things go smoothly and the women support Karlie and cheer her on. But once the singing ends, things go South when Joseline starts making digs at Karlie and her age. We applaud K.Michelle for trying to bring the women together, but when the Puerto Rican Princess speaks her mind (and makes us laugh), sometimes feelings get hurt.

Hit The Floor: Mia Tries To Find Ahsha

When Mia stops by Ahsha’s house looking for her, Sloane asks Mia why she has been parked outside the house for the past few days. We know that Mia is searching for this mysterious “microphone” in her old uniform, but we have yet to find out what information was recorded onto it. As this story unravels, we’ll be glued to our TVs to find out all the dirty details.

Couples Therapy: Is Tyler Ready To Marry Catelynn?

After talking with Dr. Jenn, Tyler realizes that he may not be ready to marry Catelynn but he is nervous about telling her how he feels. When he finally opens up to her about how he has been feeling for the past few months, Catelynn is clearly devastated as she storms out of the room. Could this mean the end of the relationship?

Will Joseline and Karlie ever be able to get along? Why do you think Mia is on the run? Is this the end of Catelynn and Tyler’s relationship? Share your thoughts and favorite moments in the comments below.


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