VH1’s Weekly Wrap Up: Joseline Proposes To Stevie J On Love & Hip Hop Atlanta While German Breaks Up With Ahsha On Hit The Floor

A central theme of VH1’s prime-time lineup this week was new beginnings. Whether it was Joseline proposing marriage to Stevie J on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta or German breaking up with Ahsha on Hit The Floor, everyone was starting a new chapter in their life.

On La La’s Full Court Life, La La and hJason joined forces to create a new clothing line while the drama continued on Couples Therapy when Liz learned that she was pregnant with another one of Flavor Flav’s children. From pregnancies and proposals to making up and breaking up, which show has you wanting more? Check out our favorite moments from the past week.

Hollywood Exes: Nicole Slurs During Her Speech

When Nicole is honored by the ACC and asked to give a speech, she has a little bit too much liquid courage before going on stage. While giving her speech, Nicole stumbles over words and repeats herself a few times too many. Nevertheless, her heart was in the right place. Good effort, Nicole!

La La’s Full Court Life: La La and Jason Introduce 5th And Mercer

La La and Jason join forces to design their own clothing line, 5th And Mercer. With some bumps along the way (including La La being late all the time), we weren’t sure how their showcase was going to go. However, La La and Jason make up before they meet with fashion executive, Deirdre Maloney, and their fashion showcase is a huge success.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Joseline Proposes To Stevie J

We’ve always known Joseline as the feisty Puerto Rican princess who goes after what she wants. If Stevie J isn’t going to get down on one knee for Joseline, we shouldn’t be surprised when Joseline takes matters into her own hands. While in Puerto Rico, Joseline takes control of her relationship and proposes to Stevie. Will Stevie J say yes?

Hit The Floor: German Breaks Up With Ahsha

Ever since the premiere episode when Ahsha met Derek, we knew that was the start of trouble for Ahsha and German. In an emotionally heartbreaking scene, German realizes that Ahsha is pulling away from him and he cannot keep up with her in the wild world of the LA Devils. Instead of waiting for Ahsha to eventually break up with him, German decides it is time to end their relationship. Any girl would be lucky to have a boyfriend like German…then again, any girl would be lucky to have a hunk like Derek too…

Couples Therapy: Liz Locks Herself In Her Room

When Liz first learned that she was pregnant with Flavor Flav’s eighth child, she cried and wailed. Later in the day, she appeared to have fainted (oh no!). After realizing this, Dr. Jenn and Dr. Eagen decide to call the paramedics and take Liz to the hospital. However, Liz escapes the paramedics and locks herself in her room.

Will Stevie J accept Joseline’s proposal? Should German and Ahsha get back together? What will happen to Liz? Share your favorite VH1 show moment in the comments below.

What Was Your Favorite VH1 Moment This Week?