Hollywood Exes Newcomer Shamicka Lawrence Is Ready For Her Moment To Shine

Shamicka Lawrence, ex-wife of comedian Martin Lawrence, made her debut on Hollywood Exes this Sunday night. Being an ex is a recent development for this soft-spoken mother of two, she was actually going through her split right around the time that the show was filming, and the emotions were still pretty fresh throughout.

When we spoke to Shamicka recently, she told us she hoped that what she went through would serve to empower other women who were dealing with the same issues. “I’m just trying to find myself again through all of the pain and things I was going through,” she tells us. “My main goal was to inspire women that are going through a divorce. To let them know they can still be strong.” Not one to dwell on the negative, she was nervous but excited to be on a show with some of her close girlfriends and inspire viewers with her story. Get to know Shamicka a little better in our interview below.

Who in the cast did you already know and who were you meeting for the first time?

Nicole and I were neighbors for many years, I think we met back in 1997. So we’ve been friends for a long time. And I knew Sheree for at least five or six years, too. It was a little easier for me to transition in because I was familiar with them. It wasn’t a bad transition for me to meet the new ladies either, I get along eight everyone, they were all very nice and welcoming…most of the time!

What was your impression of the show before you started working on it, had you watched it?

Yes, and I liked the fact that they’re classy women, it’s not about being drama-filled, it’s about them moving on with their lives and being there for each other.

What aspects of your life will we get to see?

Well, at that point, I was going through my divorce, so you’re going to see some of my emotions on that. And I have a management company now, so you’ll see me auctioning talent, and I also have Lupus, so I share that with everyone and we go over the things I’m doing to keep my body healthy. It’s a balance of all of those. I’m just trying to find myself again through all of the pain and things I was going through.

What’s your management company all about?

I have musicians and a comedian working with me, most of the musicians write and play instruments, a couple of them have been on The Voice. I have really talented people, and it’s really inspirational music. I’m just looking to give good, positive music back to everybody nowadays. I also sing. I used to sing years ago so that’s also why I love working in music.

Will we see you perform?

You might! I don’t know…

What do you hope people take away from you being a part of the show?

My main goal was to inspire women that are going through a divorce. To let them know they can still be strong. It’s a tough situation but it doesn’t have to be as bad. Through every storm, there’s always clear skies ahead. No matter what I’m going through, I never put my problems on anyone else, and I still have God in my life and he’s given me the gift of joy. I just want to be able to inspire.

Did you ever think you’d do a reality show?

Never! Ever ever. I just always thought reality shows were full of drama and fighting and scripted, but one thing about Hollywood Exes is that it’s all real, it’s all us, and of course there’s going to be a little drama, but at the end of the day, friends figure it out.

After being the woman behind Martin for so many years, are you ready to be a public personality and a celebrity in your own right?

I think I am. No, I know I am. At the end of the day, it’s about staying humble, how that one minute that you give that fan of yours will last a lifetime, and it makes a difference. Stay humble to who you are. I’m ready!