All 26 Of K.Michelle’s Hairstyles From This Season Of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta

Just like last season, K.Michelle has changed her hairstyle several times over the course of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta. Last season fans counted 26 looks and this year is no different. The GIF above shows all 26(!) looks, including two from the reunion, that K.Michelle sported this season. We really want to know what her hair and makeup budget is because that’s a lot of changes for 17 episodes. Take a closer look at each style in the season recap gallery.

  • KM1

  • KM2

  • KM3

  • KM4

  • KM5

  • KM6

  • KM7

  • KM8

  • KM9

  • KM10

  • KM11

  • KM12

  • KM13

  • KM14

  • KM15

  • KM16

  • KM17

  • KM18

  • KM19

  • KM20

  • KM21

  • KM22

  • KM23

  • KM24

  • IMG_6873

  • IMG_6883

[Photos: Jennine Cusimano for VH1]