T.I. And Tiny: The Family Hustle Episode Eight: First Date Theatrics

T.I. And Tiny: The Family Hustle has returned, and not a moment too soon: we have a first date coming up and there’s no one better than Tip to walk us through the awkward dance of who’s going to pick up the check. Back in the ATL, T.I.’s eldest son Messiah just turned 13 and is on his way towards becoming an upstanding gentlemen in the eyes of his proud father. Messiah is right on track as far as being a “Harris man” is concerned, and is starting to wonder what those mysterious beings known as women are actually all about. Truth be told, all of Tip’s boys seem to be a little girl crazy at the moment–forget about Messiah’s plans for a “mature” date, King and Major are kissing!–which means it was time for Pops to remind them about the importance of chaperones. Messiah might be a polite and sweet boy, but he’s not ready to cannonball into the world of dating without some PG (parental guidance). So if he wants to hang out with his female friend Ariel, of course dad is going to organize a… family-oriented first date at Medieval Times with the entire Harris clan! “I figured it was entertaining enough to take Messiah’s mind off the fact that he got his whole family dragging along with him on his date,” Tip explained.

Medieval Times isn’t a bad spot for a first date–it’s dark, chivalry is encouraged, and there are moments of drama perfect for pulling out Tip’s successful stretch-until-your-arm-is-around-her move. Then again, there is violence, horse poop, and a meal served largely without utensils. But as Papa Harris has taught us, it doesn’t matter where you are with the one you’re interested in, it’s how you behave. “Confidence and charisma is at the top of the list when dealing with the opposite sex,” Tip said. That, and making sure the object of your affection knows he or she is exactly that.

T.I.’s Fatherly Wisdom: If You Don’t Make Your Intentions Known, You’ll End Up In The Friend ZoneUnlike King or even Major, Messiah is more of the strong and silent type, rarely trying to steal the attention from his younger siblings (or even his dad) by acting out. He’s handsome and respectful, which means any age-appropriate girl would certainly want to be escorted on a date with his whole family. But sometimes the quiet, respectful types need a little push to make sure their desires are known and able to be obtained.

Tip does his best to tease his son about the birds and the bees while also encouraging him to go after what he wants. His recurring mentions of “the move” is a source of comedic relief, but overall, he wants to make sure his sheepish son is asserting himself in all facets of life; if you don’t go after what you want with 100 percent effort, so much can pass you by. In the end, Messiah not only follows his dad’s advice (after several shoulder shrugs) but creates a move of his own when a rose conveniently falls before his lady’s feet. We’re not surprised he’s smooth with the ladies–he is his father’s soon after all.

What did you think about tonight’s episode? Would you be embarrassed to go on a date with your entire family? Is Tip teaching his son how to be a ladies’ man? Let us know in the comments below.

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