Watch The Highlights From The Marrying The Game Season Premiere

Tiffney Cambridge and Jayceon “Game” Taylor love each other, but after calling off their wedding two weeks before it was scheduled, they have a lot to work through. On tonight’s season premiere of Marrying The Game, they made it abundantly clear that their main priority is their kids, Justice and Cali, and as hard as they try to figure out their status as a couple, they also need to figure out their status as a family. In the clip above, little Cali acts as the conduit between her parents and she’s the only way they can communicate with one another.

Later in the show, Game tries to undermine Tiffney’s parenting by running a fun daddy day care when he has the kids for the weekend. Tip for you, Game, making your kids drink soda and then asking them if he’s the funner parent might not be the besssst idea?

Marrying The Game airs Monday nights at 9:30PM ET/PT.