Single Ladies Star Denise Vasi Drops A bombshell

Single Ladies star Denise Vasi can do no wrong in our eyes when it comes to anything style-related. She could wear a paper bag and we’d still want to see how she rocks it, because you know she would. So when these images from her photo shoot in bombshell, a new insert that’s part of Bleu Magazine, came our way, we dug right in. The new lifestyle magazine also spoke with Denise about her upcoming wedding to video director Anthony Mandler, and what she’s doing to prepare for it. Check out all the photos and some memorable quotes from her interview below.

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Denise’s biggest beauty secret: “My fiancé thinks it’s crazy. I use ghee. Ghee is an organic butter used for cooking. I put that on my hands and feet when I have dry skin. You wake up silky soft.”

On how she stays in shape: “I’m not a gym lover (but) I want to look my best for my wedding. I make time with my trainer. We spend an hour training each day.”

On whether or not she’d ever get plastic surgery: “If I have kids and my boobs start to sag, I might need a boob lift — why not? If it makes me feel better, why say no?”

Sounds like she’s on the same page as Love And Hip Hop Atlanta star Mimi Faust! For the rest of the interview with Denise, be sure to check out bombshell, inside Bleu Magazine’s July issue.
[Photos: Elton Anderson for bombshell]