The Scoop – 9 Things You Never Knew About Game

Game, or Jayceon as we know him here at VH1, earned notoriety in the music industry as one of Dr. Dre’s most illustrious proteges. As a member of G-Unit, he was a key figure in bringing West Coast hip hop back into the mainstream music scene. Over the course of his career (which is still far from over,) he’s gone double platinum, earned two Grammy nominations, and had multiple albums debut at number one on the Billboard charts.

Not only have we heard Game’s tracks on our radios for the past 10 years, but he’s let us peak into his world on Marrying The Game. While his rap persona comes off hard, we got to see that he is actually a really nice guy and a great father. Unfortunately for those of us hoping to hear wedding bells in the near future, he and Tiffney are on hiatus so we’ll have to keep watching to see what the future holds for the pair. We can’t get enough of Game so we gave him The Scoop treatment. From the artist he’d most want to collaborate with to his favorite part about being on reality television, find out the nine things you never knew about Game!  

Watch some of our favorite Game moments!

Game teaches his son, Harlem, some moves on the basketball court.

During an emotional conversation, Tiffney returns her engagement ring to Game.

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