Fun And Fashion On The Set Of Single Ladies Season Three

One of the guiltiest pleasures of watching the VH1 series Single Ladies is the fashion porn. The style on that show is insane, thanks in huge part to the costume designer Anthony L. Williams. The former Project Runway contestant has worked on the show for all three seasons now, and has a killer instinct for style. He’s been documenting the clothes that the cast has been wearing on the show on his Instagram account, and we’ve been drooling over them for months now. In our gallery below, we pulled photos from Williams’ Instagram, as well as the accounts of cast members Denise Vasi, Charity Shea, LisaRaye McCoy, and Travis Winfrey to give you a look at what to expect when the show airs early next year. Get ready to say hello, gorgeous.

  • SL4

  • SingleLadiesSet1

  • CharityDenise

  • Denise2

  • Denise3

  • SL2

  • Charity

  • SLSet

  • Denise

  • charity2

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