Watch This Week’s Marrying The Game Highlights: Being Bougie And Returning The Ring

Tiffney and Jayceon are back, and this week’s episode of Marrying the Game finds them stuck in that awkward place of being excellent parents and yet horrible to each other. Well, not completely horrible. It’s Father’s Day in Game-ville, and Tiffney goes all out planning a wonderful day for Jayceon. She involves her kids in an ahhhhhdorable photo shoot and has Justice and Cali list their favorite things about their father, which she writes on pieces of poster board. She also arranges a jumpy house — per Justice’s suggestion — for the big day, because nothing says dad time like removing your shoes to leap together in a plastic castle.

Meanwhile, Game further establishes his Best Dad Ever title by inviting some hunky NBA stars (I’m lookin’ at you, James Harden) to scrimmage against Harlem’s basketball team to “teach them a lesson about losing.” It’s a sweet moment, but perhaps the people who truly need the lesson are actually Game and Tiffney, who seem to be losing each other.  Duh duh duhhhhhh…

Things fall apart at the bouncy house Father’s Day party, when Tiffney pulls Game aside to accuse him of being too rough in the house with little ones like Cali underfoot. Game gets mad and accusing Tiff of killing his “vibe.” (He also calls her “bougie” for not wanting to bounce, if we’re keeping score here.) It turns into a vicious cycle of name calling and hurt feelings, one which every person who’s ever been in a couple can relate too.

So they have THE TALK. You know, the What Are We talk but also the What Do I Do With This Engagement Ring talk, which is tense and heartbreaking. Game says it’s “weak as f*ck” that they aren’t married yet, and both agree they are burnt out. So Tiffney slips off the ring and hands it off to the Game to keep until “we get back to the way we were.”

Please let this be foreshadowing for better things to come?!