T.I. And Tiny: The Family Hustle Episode 11: Ballin’ With The Big Guys

Josh Smith vs. Major? Tough matchup!

He’ll still always be perfect in our eyes, but on tonight’s episode of T.I. And Tiny: The Family Hustle, proud papa T.I. is finally able to admit one of his s0-called flaws: “I actually suck at basketball.” Good thing you’ve got a NBA All-Star on speed dial!

Because when you’re Tip, you have great buddies like Josh Smith of the Detroit Pistons in your address book, always willing to tutor your kids on the basics of dribbling. And judging by Major kicking the rock around like a soccer ball, they could all use some help with their game. To be fair, the boys have been playing with trash cans and paper balls instead of inside gyms with regulation-sized equipment… but such mediocrity will never stand in a Harris household.

T.I.’s Fatherly Wisdom: You Don’t Have To Score To Be Valuable“You can pass, you can block, you can do a lot of things,” Tip tells his pick-up squad before their important final play. Sure, it’s an astute observation stemming from a game of ball, but a day on the court with professional athletes and their sons is also an opportunity to teach the young men about the importance of hard work and good effort. Size doesn’t matter, and whether or not you’re racking up triple-doubles night after night or merely putting your best foot forward and supporting teammates, nothing happens unless you get off the couch and go out into the world. More than securing a college scholarship or million-dollar endorsement deal, Tip wants his children to be active members of the community, and contribute in a positive way. (Eliminating all the extra paper in the house will help with that.)

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Does Tip’s jump shot need just as much work as Major’s? Who had the better team? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.