15 Photos Of Cali Being The Cutest Kid In The World

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Jayceon and Tiffney may bring the drama to Marrying the Game, but their kids always steal the show with their adorable antics. At the heart of their family is little Cali, whose smile could outshine the sun. I mean seriously…THIS KID! She can’t help but be cute and she always has a quip ready, as if she was the littlest sister character on a hit sitcom. Except this ain’t scripted, folks. She’s just that funny and sweet and precious and perfect in real life. What I’m saying is: Cali is queen.

This week’s episode of Marry the Game was especially packed with Cali cuteness. We grabbed some of our favorite shots from the show as well as some pics from The Game’s Instagram account. Behold: 15 adorable pics of her highness in the gallery above.