Watch This Week’s Highlights From Marrying The Game: Tiffney Ponders Plan B

On this week’s episode of Marrying the Game no one got married. Shocker! But the topic of marriage was discussed a great deal, mostly by Tiffney and the women in her family over some champagne and wine. AS IT SHOULD BE.

Tiffney takes Cali and Justice to her hometown of Houston for her family reunion, or as lil’ cutie Justice calls it: “when every family comes and meets up!” After the kids adorably pack their bags with toys toys and more toys until mom intervenes, they find themselves deep in the peaceful, drama-free (and humid) heart of Texas. Immediately the conversation turns to Tiffney’s Plan A: working things out with Jayceon and her Plan B: moving to Houston with the kids.

Um, wait — what?! That’s the first we’ve heard of this Plan, and already it’s making us a little nervous because…

Cut to: The Game in the studio and at the barber shop, telling everyone how much he misses his kids and “hates” when they’re out of state. We see where this is going, and it’s a place called NOT GOING TO BE GOOD.

Another juicy tidbit we learned in this episode: Tiffney’s ring cost “half a mill.” Now, one thing Tiffney focuses while finding herself in Texas is that commitment is more important than the ring. And she’s right! But still…that’s some serious rock right there.

One of the sweetest moments of these week’s ep  is when Tiffney notices Justice dancing at the family reunion, and comments that he moves just like The Game. Later, we see The Game in concert in front of thousands of people, showing off those daddy dance moves. It’s sweet to see the connection between father and son.

Before Tiffney leaves Texas she has a heart-to-heart with Janice, her cousin’s wife who is essentially an aunt to her. Janice is one of those wise women every gal needs in her life. She tosses Tiffney some hardballs, like (we’re paraphrasing): “Have you considered the reason things are a mess is because you aren’t married yet?!” And she offers up this thought on men: “They want that strong woman, and that’s the type of woman you need to be.”

Tiffney doesn’t want to be to “forever fiance,” but it’s also still unclear if she wants to marry the Game. She leaves Texas relaxed but with a whole new pile of things to worry about. Gulp.