The Top 10 Birthday Photos Of King Harris Looking Like A Boss

  • King And A Snake

  • King Blows Out The Candles

  • King and his girlfriend

  • King Tip & Tiny

  • The King Of The World

  • King Messiah

  • King Wrestles An Alligator

  • King & A Turtle

  • King Cake

  • King’s New Bike

King Harris just turned nine this past week but even though he’s still only in the single digits, this is a kid with serious swagger beyond his years. Clearly he gets some of it from his parents, the actual king and queen of hustle, T.I. and Tiny Harris, but he’s also just got a natural charm we adore.

In this series of photos taken from his birthday party which was held over the weekend, he’s holding down the festivities, whether he’s posing with his parents, his girlfriend (yes!), or various exotic animals. Check out our top ten faves of King ruling the roost.