Watch This Week’s Marrying The Game Highlights: Tiff Lets Jayceon Ride His Bike

Maybe we got a little misty eyed watching this week’s episode of Marrying the Game. So what? There’s a little bit of love in the air for Jayceon and Tiffney and boy, do we like it better than when they’re bickering.

First up we get a glimpse of Jay at church, grooving along to worship and then meeting with his Bishop, Noel Jones. They have a heart-to-heart about the couple’s rocky relationship (basically Bishop Jones is this week’s Aunt Janice), and the Bishop is all “relationships should be about compatibility more than compromise,” which is really excellent advice. *takes notes* He also encourages Jayceon to commit to Tiffney the way he does to his music. Game leaves their sit-down energized and determined to prove himself to his estranged fiancee.

Meanwhile, Tiffney hosts a ’Breakfast at Tiffney’s’ brunch for a bunch of girlfriends, once again proving she’s one of the most grounded, normal and likable women on reality TV (or just all of TV, period).

Step 1 of Jay’s plan: a beach date with his family. The couple and the kids get into some sand and sunshine, and sand castle they build with Cali and Justice becomes a metaphor for their relationship. And now, we get to see Jayceon figure out how to court Tiffney. It is a little bit awkward and a lot adorable as LoLo teaches him how to be romantic and walks him through a flower shop for what might be the first time. Sure, he compares a bouquet to his “grandmother’s hat,” but isn’t that part of his charm?
The couple are recreating their first date, so Tiffney gets into the spirit of things and wears the (very sexy) dress she wore on that fateful night. It’s tight, sleek, and shows some skin, and thus Justice declares it “inappropriate.” Her nerves get the best of her, and Tiffney mixes up a cocktail that she dubs “ginger ale’s older cousin.” We LOLed at this. We also want a sip.
Settled into a booth at the restaurant, Jayceon and Tiffney skip over any first date chit chat and get right into analyzing their relationship. “A lot of who I am today has to do with who you wanted me to be,” he tells her. On their first date, he says, he “had a 45 on me.” Jayceon goes on to drop some more metaphor magic, likening Tiffney’s desire to shape him into him teaching Justice how to ride a bike. “Thank you for teaching me how to be a man and ride this bike of life. But now – at 33 -I gotta be a man.”

Tiffney agrees, but asks for a little seat on the Game’s bike. Will be make some room for her? Will be buy a tandem bike for them to share? Will they keep coming up with adorable metaphors for their relationship? We vote “hope so!” on all of the above.