The Tough Love: CoEd Interview With Kris, a.k.a. Mr. Me Myself & I

This week on Tough Love: CoEd, the Hot Seat was occupied by a man who brought more shoes to the Tough Love mansion than I have ever owned. A man who still holds some pretty Mad Men-era values close to him, like asking his date to make him a sandwich. A man who isn’t averse to c*ck-blocking his roommates. That man is Kris, Mr. Me, Myself And I. We spoke to him to find out what it was like getting dressed down by Steve and going out for a wild night on the town.

What do you think of the name you were given, Mr. Me, Myself And I?

I think that it’s not the Kris that people who actually know me think of me as, but I think that Steve gave me that name not because of myself, but because of my absent dating life.

So what would the people who do know you call you?

The people that know me know my heart. I’m the sweetest guy in the world. I would do everything for everybody else, and it’s usually never returned in my favor. I will go 100% for a lot of people, so it really isn’t all about me.

Do you think the name was mostly just a response to your outward appearance and all your shoes then?

Yes, I think so, but I’ve experienced that my whole life, people look at me and they judge me before they get to know me.

Do you think that the way you’ve been portrayed has been accurate so far?

No, that is not the real Kris, and for the record, I’m highly embarrassed by how I acted on the show. I learned my lesson. I am now going to mind my Ps and Qs and I should not have drank as much as I did because watching me on TV, I looked like a total idiot.

At the club, everybody was saying that you were trying to c*ck-block them because they were having a more successful night than you were, is that really how you felt?

No, absolutely not. First of all, I don’t want to blame it on the alcohol, but you could tell that I did have a little bit too much to drink. I don’t remember none of that stuff that I said the next day. They didn’t show this, but I fell asleep on my date. I was drunk as hell. It was all bad. But the c*ck-blocking thing, no. I have no argument, I saw it and it looked very bad, but that’s not Kris. It wasn’t the fact that the girls weren’t paying attention to me, there was nobody in that place. There was one girl that I was attracted to but Paj came over and he started talking in the mix and it became a group thing and I got bored, so I grabbed the mic.

Do you think someone else deserved the hot seat then?

I’m not going to throw anybody else under the bus. It was definitely disrespectful, what I did, and I shouldn’t have called out my roommates like that. My apologies to the world right now! And after this episode, I totally changed my ways and I learned the lesson Steve was trying to teach us that you should always show your best behavior on your first impression, and after this episode I changed everything. I didn’t get drunk for the rest of the season. I was normal and alert the rest of the time. Watching that footage on TV made me feel like s—. I don’t want to be portrayed that way ever again.

Do you feel like you learned something about yourself from being on the show?

Yes and no. This whole image thing that Steve is saying, that I try too hard, I fought with him for the whole show because I never understood what he was saying. I don’t see the problem if I like to dress nicely. With my career, I’m a DJ, I’m in front of people all the time. Steve is the same damn way, I don’t know why he’s getting mad at me, Steve dresses nice because he’s on TV, and that’s how I am too. People go to the club to see the DJ, so you have to play that part. I don’t do it for other people, but that’s just who I am. I got best dressed in junior high and high school, I was raised to always look nice. I don’t think that’s a problem.

Did it seem like you were the male version of Porsche, Mr. High Maintenance?

Oh, everybody thought that. Everybody said Kris and Porsche should date, they’re perfect for each other! But there are a lot of women like Porsche who like to look good, and there are a lot of guys out there like me who like to look nice. That’s just the way I am. It’s hard being singled out because there’s not another guy like me on the show. It kind of looked like I was trying to do the most because the other guys on the show were different from me.