Cast Commentary: Tiffney Cambridge On Her 5 Favorite Scenes From Season 2 Of Marrying The Game

This season of Marrying The Game has been the perfect mix of humor, drama, and adorable Cali and Justice moments. Star Tiffney Cambridge sat down with us recently to offer up a little bit of commentary on the scenes that meant the most to her now that this season is over, from her heart-to-hearts with family to swimming with the dolphins.

Advice From Aunt Janice

“I liked the scenes when I was in Houston for my family reunion. One that I really loved, it just grabbed me, was the scene I did with my Aunt Janice, when we talked about how maybe I should not have called off the wedding. Maybe I should have gone through with it and how my calling it off maybe changed the dynamics of our relationship. I think the conversation I had with her was really thought-provoking and got me thinking about how I really wanted to move forward in the future.

“The returning the ring scene was a difficult one but I think it was necessary at that time. I think that Jayceon and all men speak in different love languages, and one of his is giving. He’s a giver. And sometimes we get caught up in gifts and it distracts you from the meaning of the gift. I felt like when he gave me the ring, it was purposeful and I just wanted to make sure that the same significance placed on that ring when he gave it to me, he still places that same value on it now, and it’s not just a big, beautiful ring. I think by giving it back to him, it was like, wow. I think it says a lot to other women, too, because ain’t everybody not gonna give back their ring! I love my ring and I know I’m gonna get my ring back! But I think it spoke volumes about where I was at that moment, I wanted him to really understand it’s not about a ring or a big wedding, it’s about a marriage and a commitment over a lifetime.”

Sexual Eggplant

“When we’re doing the co-parenting thing and texting each other, and I read a text from him that’s a purple eggplant, I’m like, where’d that come from? Where’s your mind at? He and I share a lot of fun times, a lot of comedy between us. A lot of inside jokes. We have our own little lingo when we talk, we can have a whole conversation just using emojis. I thought it was funny that that came up that day. We have emoji codes, things he’ll say to me or I’ll say to him and he knows exactly what I’m talking about that no one else in the room will know.”

Cali Cuteness

“I love watching Cali and Justice interviews, I think they’re so cute. Especially Cali’s. Her photo shoot was so cute, too, I really liked that.”

“I really enjoyed when we were in Cabo. We were able to reconnect, that was really nice. And I love animals, so I was able to swim with the dolphins, and I really loved that experience.”