Watch Highlights From Tonight’s Marrying The Game: Tears, Love Talk And T&A

Who cried watching this week’s (1st) episode of Marrying the Game? Everyone? Okay, cool. *wipes away tears*

We’ve got two eps of MtG this week, and the first half hour starts with Tiffney lunching it up with her BFF Crystal. Tiffney has a close knit circle of supportive girlfriends, which is always a good sign when it comes to judging a lady’s character. Her mind seems to be open to working on her relationship with Jayceon, and  she even goes so far as to consider spending a little time in the studio without becoming a dreaded “studio girl.” God forbid! But when she does decide to visit him, Game’s face lights up when he sees his family stop by to watch him work, and just wait until he hears Cali and Justice rap.

Meanwhile, Game sets up a dude lunch with his pal Frank, aka “the most hood motherf*cker I know.” Frank has also been married for 14 years, which makes him qualified to offer love advice to the always-searching Jayceon. Their conversation mostly centers around butts, boobs and Tiffney’s “firebox,” with a couple of masturbation references thrown in for good measure. It’s one of the most entertaining moments on the entire show, thanks to their in-depth conversation about Jergen’s lotion and Jayceon saying: “I ain’t shakin’ no soldier.” But wait! It’s also a serious convo, and Frank does have great advice to dispense, telling the Game that “your wife is gonna be the ride or die person.” But is Tiffney that person?

Later in the show we learn about Tiffney’s late mother, who passed away eight years ago from breast cancer. (Commence tears and sobs!) In honor of what would be her 63rd birthday, Tiffney’s godmother presents her and her sister with a photo album filled with pics of her mom. Later we see T discussing her mother and visiting her grave with Cali and Justice, and it’s touching and heartbreaking. But they day is not without its happy moments – Jayceon sends a beautiful bouquet of 63 roses to Tiffney in memory of her mom, which is incredibly thoughtful. Even through their hard times it’s obvious that they have nothing but love for each other.


The episode ends with a family visit to the studio and a romantic moment between the on-again couple in bed, in which Jayceon makes a lot of jokes about Tiffney rubbing his balls. Awwwww! It’s kind of endearing, right?


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