Watch Highlights From Tonight’s Marrying The Game: Happy Birthday Tiffney!

Who doesn’t love back-to-back episodes of Marrying the Game? Tonight’s second episode starts off with the kids cooking breakfast for Dad because – duh duh duhhhh – he slept over at Tiffney’s condo! Suddenly the kids are asking questions, like: “When are we gonna have a bigger house, daddy?” And just like that, Jayceon and Tiffney begin house-shopping for a place to live in…together.

They agree that Tiffney’s condo is too small and Jayceon’s house in Glendale is not an option because, as Tiff says, “that’s where you ran your whores through.” So she sets a up a budget (2.5 mill), some must-haves (6 car garage, man cave) and a meeting with a real estate agent, and the great house hunt begins.

Everything is going smoothly as they tour a gorgeous house until Jayceon starts joking about installing a stripper pole…and keeps joking about it, until Tiffney is not amused. Suddenly it seems like their patched up relationship might by wearing at the seams once more.

But never fear! Tiff’s birthday is here to save the day. Jayceon throws a huge bash and has the kids pick out two pairs of absurdly sparkly shoes for her big day. But the biggest and best gift of all? A trip to Cabo on a private jet – just for the two of them.

In a hotel.

With no kids.

You know what that means, right?