T.I. And Tiny: The Family Hustle Episode 14: Started From The Bottom

As a successful multi-hyphenate, it’s hard not to imagine all of T.I.’s offices as glamorous and easy going atmospheres where creativity is rewarded with lavish gifts, and no one take less than a two-hour lunch break. Even if that is true, the rapper-actor-author and proud father didn’t get there automatically, but instead put in years of hard work and commitment before hitting it big. On tonight’s T.I. And Tiny: The Family Hustle, Tip identifies his older sons’ desire to learn more about the world of fashion and puts them to work with his employees at the Grand Hustle Gang warehouse.

I’m sorry, Domani. Did you think you’d be sitting in a room with a view, approving designs while a Michelin star chef prepares your favorite meals? All in due time. The boys may have good instincts and real drive–or simply delusions of grandeur–but they still need to see how a clothing line operates from start to finish. Besides, a good boss knows what each one of his or her employees does…

T.I.’s Fatherly Wisdom: In Order To Be The Most Efficient CEO, You Must Know Each And Every Position Of Your CompanyAs part of the unofficial Tip Takes His Sons To Work Day initiative, members of the Grand Hustle organization were tasked with showing Messiah and Domani around, in hopes of helping them better understand the 9 to 5 routine. Messiah picked up stocking and packaging rather quickly, but Domani would rather complain about how Pops would never be caught dead doing such a thing. “If he had to go in the back and fold clothes, he would probably fire the person who told him to–that’s what I would do, too,” he explained. Posturing about the future took priority over the work he’d been given by Tip and the Grand Hustle staff, which led his father to comment that maybe he’s just not ready to start thinking about his career. “They have to take this seriously. There’s no way that I can promote them if they don’t promote responsibility,” he said. You know, what Drake says, boys: started from the bottom!

“Just because you’re my kid doesn’t make this your company,” Tip explained, before giving Domani some less than ideal chores (hands up if you’ve ever had to sweep up in your workspace!) to carry out. “You must pay for your ticket with actions and execution.” So lemonade stand employees take note: make sure you know where those lemons come from AND how to publicize your burgeoning business, before boasting that you’ve got the baddest stand on the block. For someone who’s been lucky enough to give his children everything they could ever want or need, T.I. does a great job of keeping his family grounded. Children of privilege aren’t always raised to understand that they’re a rare breed, so it’s crucial to teach kids that things don’t just happen simply because we want them to, but that hard work, dedication, and drive can make all the difference.

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