Watch The Best Moments From Tonight’s Marrying The Game: From Tub Love To A Tough Talk

Oh lawd. Tonight’s Marrying the Game caps off the season with a cliffhanger, complete with a “To be continued” tease at the end. How dare they mess with us like that, especially after a bubble bath love fest AND a down and dirty relationship fight? It’s just not fair, we tell ya.

While the episode ended on a sour note, it started with straight up sex. Yes, upon arriving in Cabo and enjoying some beach time (where we learned that Jayceon is a socks-on kinda guy when it comes to the sand) the couple ends up making out in a rose petal-filled bubble bath. It’s a Skinamax worthy love moment…not that we watch such things. (Often.)

The romance continues as Jayceon takes Tiffney to fulfill a Bucket List dream: swimming with dolphins. She’s genuinely excited – shrieking in the water with glee as the dolphins lift her up, water ski style. The Game abstains – “Dolphins be raping motherf*ckers, man!” – but he is in great spirits, enjoying watching his woman splash around. Later, they have a flirty lunch over cocktails and banter positively about their relationship. Things are going great! The engagement is definitely going to pick back up, right?

WRONG. So wrong. Of course they go out to a romantic dinner, and of course it starts off great, and of course it ends in a heated argument that sounds like all the rest. You know the drill by now: Tiffney loves Jayceon but not The Game, Jayceon gets frustrated that she wants to change him when, as he tells her, “I’m just down with you.” Then she calls him “a disrespectful motherf*cker” and every bubble bath kiss is forgotten. Argh.

In the end, we see both Tiffney and Jayceon in a moment of serious reflection. She strolls the beach wistfully as he palms her ring and leans over their balcony as Rihanna’s “Stay” plays. Jayceon is ready for marriage; he calls Tiffney the “love of his life.” And it’s clear she loves him too – it’s the Game she can’t quite get with.

Things are set “to be continued,” but will it be with a walk down the aisle? While we wait to find out, we’ve got a special video to share with you that’s close to Tiffney’s heart. As Tiffney struggles with co-parenting and building a strong relationship with Jayceon, she continues to find her voice. In the 8 years since she lost her mother to breast cancer, Tiffney has realized the importance of raising awareness about the alarming statistics. She recently collaborated with several celebrities to create a public service announcement for breast cancer awareness month, which is the month of October. Check out Tiffney’s video PSA below.