Black Ink Crew: Dutchess Explains How To Cover Up A Bad Tattoo

Tattoos are permanent, which is why your favorite Black Ink Crew stars have previously advised you NOT to get the initials of the person you’re only casually dating, or the name of a band you absolutely love right now, plastered across your chest or forearm. But, because they’re your friends, they’re willing to reveal some tricks of the trade–specifically how to cover up any unwanted ink if and when you don’t follow their advice.

Dutchess, the unofficial first lady of Black Ink, explains how she hides a customer’s unwanted designs–which is apparently a lot more common of a request than you might think. “People who make dumb decisions –there might have been a drunken night and they just wanted to get something, not knowing that five years from then they would hate that tattoo,” she explains. “You have to always keep in mind the preexisting image first.” Find out more about how Dutchess executes a proper cover up operation, in case you’re planning on having a rowdy night near your local tattoo parlor. 

Black Ink Crew Season Two premieres on Monday, September 23 at 9:30 ET/PT.