Black Ink Crew Season Premiere: Raise Your Hand If You Still Work At Black Ink

After a long spring and summer we’re finally reunited with Harlem’s finest. Black Ink Crew’s second season premiered tonight, and while the shop is experiencing new success and notoriety, personal friction behind closed doors is threatening to bring everything down.

After a cliffhanger that left us outside of O’S**t’s court hearing, things pick up quickly as we find out that Mr. Richard Duncan has been indicted. Ceaser and Dutchess have taken things to the next level, making their relationship a focal point of the shop and a point of contention for the rest of their co-workers. Because of this, Puma and Sassy struggle with whether or not old friends are still good friends, and Teddy and Walt make sure their presence is still appreciated by hanging around the front desk whenever possible.

Between two public brawls and one potentially friendship-ending disagreement, it was an eventful first episode to say the least! Check out the biggest OMG moments from the night.

O’S**t The Ladies’ Man

“What is going on with my life? I’m going to go crazy,” O’S**t said after what’s supposed to be a peaceful family dinner doesn’t go as planned. After getting through his court hearing (and finding out he’s doing to be indicted on gun charges) Dick Duncan, baby mama Coley, her boyfriend Tim, maybe girlfriend Kaylin (who is a big part of the reason why S**t got arrested), and O’S**t’s daughter Lulu sit down for a nice meal… until baby mama Kathy storms in a causes a scene. Forget texting or playing with your food, physical violence at the table is never acceptable–especially when the kids are around.

Kaylin is angry, O’S**t is confused, and Coley is justifiably concerned. How is he going to create a safe and loving environment for Lulu and his son if Kathy’s behavior is so volatile and unpredictable? This, on top of all the serious legal troubles he’s facing, only makes us feel worse for S**t.

Puma Throws Up Deuces

Fifteen years of friendship potentially down the drain? Ceaser confronted Puma about his wild ways, and the two could not seem to disagree about what is appropriate behavior when money and customers are concerned. Despite a lengthy history, Ceaser is thinking towards the future and tells Puma that he no longer cares if he is a part of that. (Let it be known that Dutchess says her piece as well, but more on that in a moment.) Puma bounced, but will he return? If not, will Sassy leave to be with her fellow Wonder Twin?

Alex and O’S**t’s Revisionist History

Alex no longer works at Black Ink, after she cut ties with pretty much everyone on the payroll. Since she hasn’t been around, O’S**t feels he lost his chance with his dream girl (“It’s a strange, crazy infatuation for sure, but I love her, and I always will”) but that’s really because his big mouth bragged about getting to know her in a biblical sense–apparent fiction Alex is not at all pleased about. Rather than smile and move forward, she avoided him all together at Community 54, until he visited her at work asking for forgiveness (and probably a little something else). Their exchange, as well as their separate confessionals, was one of the funnier moments of the premiere.

O’S**t: “Just get over it. Everyone knows. We did it; we made sensual, passionate love.”
Alex: “I’m flattered. You wish you had ALL OF THIS around ALL OF YOU! And it’s never gonna happen and that’s why Ted got it before you did.”

Oh you two.

Dutchess Goes Off

We’re still not sure what led Dutchess to go off the rails like she did on Ceaser, but this closed door couples’ spat has us worried. And apparently we’re not the only ones–yes, shattered glass and a big bang can and will get the attention of the authorities. Hopefully everyone is okay, but this can’t be good for the work environment.

What did you think of the first episode? Was it wrong of Puma to leave the shop? Do Dutchess and Ceaser have a future together? Will O’S**t ever get his family life together? Let us know in the comments below.