The Best Moments Of T.I. And Tiny: The Family Hustle: Fit And Fine

Everyone is working their hustle this week on T.I. And Tiny: The Family Hustle. Tip is in L.A. seeking out some new acting roles (hopefully in a scary movie, if his kids have anything to say about that), and Tiny and Shekinah are trying to make a workout video for people who hate to work out. Sounds like my kind of video.

First, Tiny encounters a frustrated Shekinah working out to a DVD at home. The problem with these types of videos is that it’s always the “same B.S.” according to Shekinah. She wants to create a workout that teaches women to keep their butts instead of lose them, that also incorporates broomsticks and shampoo bottles. It makes total sense when you remember that Shekinah works at a hair salon and has plenty of those things on hand.

The best part is when Shekinah tries to attempt a handstand. “Why I can’t do this sh–??” she asks after falling over a few times.

First, they meet with a video producer who tries to extract from them the essence of what their video will be about. That essence can best be summed up with two words: “Ass lunges.”

In L.A., Tip has brought his boys out to have some fun and get some work done. He takes some meetings, brings the boys to Ripley’s Believe It Or Not (where Major buys a fake thousand dollar bill, to his huge disappointment when it finds out it’s not real), and he takes them into the studio in a little “Take Your Children To Work Day” fashion. He really wants to instil his love and passion for music in his boys and he tries to give them a chance to work the board.

When it comes to actually filming the workout video, Tiny and Shekinah’s styles do not match up and it is…how you say? Ah, yes. Hot mess. They talk over each other, and Shekinah’s desire to use shampoo bottles as weights disappears when she realizes the bottles could bust open mid-workout. Overall, it needs some work. But maybe with some practice (or another mediation session), they can get this thing off the ground.