Sassy Explains How It Feels To Be The Black Ink Crew Voice Of Reason

Throughout Season One of Black Ink Crew, Sassy was the group’s go-to listener time and again, ready to dole out helpful advice to any friend in need. And now that we know her mother, we can see where she gets it from.

While this quality is obviously the mark of a good friend, always listening to other people’s babbling has to get tiring–especially when this crew can’t stop getting themselves involved in drama, drama, drama. As we await tonight’s Season Two premiere, Sassy fills us in on the big cliff-hangers from Season One (will O’S**t go to jail?) and sheds light on her impressive ability to take on everyone else’s problems. Check out the video above, and tune in for an all-new episode of Black Ink at 9:30 pm ET/PT.

[Photo Credit: VH1]